How to use Plastimake

Heat it

Heat it

Combine boiling water and Plastimake.

At 60°C (140°F) your Plastimake will transform into a soft, transparent blob.

Remove from heat

Wait for it

Remove Plastimake from hot water.

Let it cool until you can comfortably touch it with your bare hands.

Shape it

Shape it

Mould Plastimake with your hands.

Be careful, there may still be pockets of hot water in your Plastimake blob.

Cool it

Cool it

Dip your Plastimake item in ice water.

This is optional, but it will stop your item drooping as it cools.

Enjoy it

Enjoy it

Keep your Plastimake item away from heat and it will last for years.
If you're not satisfied with your creation, reheat it and try again!

Shaping by hand

Shaping warm Plastimake with your hands is the best way to get started.


Use the Plastimake Colouring Kit to create vibrant colours.


Boiling water is the easiest way to soften Plastimake, however there are several other ways you can heat it to a workable temperature.

Joining parts

It's quick and easy to join two pieces of solid Plastimake.

Making sheets

Forming Plastimake into sheets can be useful in many projects.


Plastimake is perfect for making moulds and replicas of existing objects.

Using tools

You can use a variety of tools to refine your solid Plastimake object.