Plastimake is great stuff, but don't just take our word for it! Over the last few years we've received some lovely customer feedback and reviews from various websites and publications. We've collected a few of our favourite comments below.

Here's a handy material that, when heated, turns into a soft flexible putty that can be moulded with your bare hands, and cools back into a super-tough nylon-like plastic. That's Plastimake in a nutshell, and we have to say, it's incredible.

Freeform Lego from the future... versatile, easy to use, tough, could Plastimake be the duct tape of the next decade?"

Popular Science Australia June 2012, read more

I'd actually go so far as to say that every home should have some, even if you're not at all "handy". Just put it in that kitchen drawer with the screwdriver, the hammer, the dried-up epoxy and the random screws and washers...

The stuff really is very fun, very useful and very easy to work with, and it tremendously appeals to the large penny-pinching lobe of my brain...

Highly recommended.

Daniel Rutter ( April 2012, read more

This is how we like it Pat Callinan's 4x4 Adventures: Australian, simple and ingenious. Plastimake is essentially a mouldable plastic that is more versatile than a Swiss army knife and is amazingly fun to play with as well. Pat ended up having to confiscate it so we'd get back to work!

Pat Callinan's 4x4 Adventures June 2013, read more

Overall I think this is a fantastic product! The uses are literally endless, I've seen people using this stuff to take moulds, to make Christmas decorations, costumes, toys and figurines. You name it, someone's made it with Plastimake!

It's so quick and easy to use that anyone can give it a go, and if you don't like your creations, no problem just try again! It's mess free and fun for all ages. You don't need any special or expensive tools, just some hot water and a little imagination!

Oz Test Dummies October 2014, read more

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Customer feedback

My daughter had some friends over for a sleepover party for her 10th birthday and introduced them to Plastimake! They all loved it and spent two hours chatting and making an amazing array of different things - tea cups, snakes, jewellery boxes, a cat! SO fantastic - thanks again for your speedy postage and for the wonderful Plastimake!

Adrienne October 2014

As a seasoned costumer Plastimake was super easy to use, far easier than Worbla or any of the other thermoplastics for small, detailed prop work, I also love the way you can add coloured beads to tint the material at the sculpting phase, no priming, no painting, 10/10 would use again, cheers Plastimake!

Aly October 2014

This is the best and most versatile product I've found in the last five years.

Jason July 2014

My bike is fixed because of you. You're my go-to stuff for fixing random anythings. Pretty sweet.

Zach November 2014

I use this stuff all the time. Everyone should have a bag of it in their toolkit!

Dok July 2014

I can't stop showing my friends how to use Plastimake. I'm a costume -making enthusiast and it's like Plastimake was designed to make my creative work easier. Thanks so much for this awesome product.

Penny July 2014

Just spent 4 days in hospital, post surgery. First thing I did when I got home was get out the Plastimake and make a stand for my phone so I could watch movies on it. Wish I'd made it before I went in!

Jenny July 2014

I love this Plastimake stuff. It lets me try ideas that would never get off the drawing board any other way, and really quickly.

Terry July 2012

Hey guys. TOTALLY and absolutely in love with Plastimake since recieving my first pack the other day... I'm a photographer and have been looking for ages at materials to sculpt objects for photoshoots and this is EXACTLY what I have been needing.

Gee August 2012

Simply put, if I hadn't come across Plastimake, I'd be stuck with cardboard, and I really am trying for a higher standard of cosplay, which as a novice is pretty hard to achieve. So Thank You for making my anti-cardboard campaign affordable!

Dallandra January 2013

I'm a primary school special education teacher, I play with clay, play dough and plasticine quite often, however my creations only last as long as the kids can keep their hands off... as I'm sure you can imagine, isn't long!

I love how versatile Plastimake is, and how easy it is to set and then remould. Yet kids are not going to be able to squish my creations!

Beth December 2012

I just wanted to thank you very much for my order which I received today. I was blown away with the efficiency and professionalism of your company. I look forward to using from you again in the near future (the kids are hooked already!).

I wish you every success in the future because honestly Plastimake is a company that stands out from the crowd.

Kate July 2012

Overall this is a sweet product and I will consider ditching some of the repair items in my pack to replace with Plastimake, as it should be easy to repair any number of breaks (buckles, poles, knives to name a few) very quickly (just heat it up in boiling water and use some creativity).

Jeremy May 2012

Just thought I'd send feedback - I gave both pots as Christmas presents and both very well received. My brother has been making fishing lures, hooks for the walls to hang his rods and also has mended a couple of broken rods. My husband plans on making zombies for a terrarium. Very cool, thank you.

Vivienne January 2014

Got my Plastimake in the mail today and IT IS AMAZING! Seriously wicked stuff. When I stop having so much playing and get around to making what I needed to make I'll shoot you a pic!

Helen November 2013

This stuff is brilliant! I just moulded them [costume fangs] over my existing canines and stuck them in with denture adhesive. Super easy, and stayed in my mouth for most of the night (could even eat with them in) and I only used a few beads. My friends all want to make them now too.

Michelle August 2013

I had a crafting day today via meetup and just had to bring along our tub of Plastimake to show to everyone and let them have a play. Everyone was amazed at the simplicity and strength of it.

Pixie June 2013

Just want to say thank you! Bought some for my dad for Xmas, he wasn't too fussed until he was trying to think of a way to fix the pool pump today, and I told him to give it a try- you have a new fan!!

Beck January 2013

I was amazed at how easy Plastimake is to mould and paint! I made earrings as gifts for friends, and managed to make them all in an afternoon ^.^ I can't wait to buy more.

Corina December 2012

This stuff is great, made a vertical door handle for the screen door to stop my little one running outside. Quick, Easy and Re-Usable! All I need now is more imagination.

David May 2012

I just received a small bag of 'Plastimake' from you in the mail today. I love it! I have not been this excited about a new little product in a long time!

Cathy May 2012

We just got the coloured pellets, kids already at it. How fantastic are they. Love it, such great colours and so strong. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It's still raining outside, lol more fun.

Laura July 2012

All in all I think that you have a most useful product (first seen in Australian Popular Science) and I will inform any who will listen of it's merit and potential.

I made the mistake of demonstrating your product to our ten year old granddaughter, she is now well and truly "hooked" which is good to see as it is stimulating her creative journey through life.

Jim August 2012

I have already used Plastimake in many interesting ways. I am rhapsodising the utility and fun of Plastimake to my friends and family. I feel like this product should be ubiquitous and that every household should have an ample supply at hand. The uses are really only limited by the imagination.

Corin August 2012

Firstly, massive, massive fan of the product. I just bought some a couple of weeks ago, and it's already become a regular go-to for all kinds of stuff for me.

Simon November 2012

Yesterday we used Plastimake for the first time. The material is incredible to work with, fast, movable and you can just run it under hot or cold water as required to adjust, weld on other sections etc.

It was also easy to cut with stanley knives and other cutters, mould and use hot wire etc to insert things into. I even used a few grades of sand paper to soften edges etc. We were also really impressed with how thin it can be and still have reasonable structural integrity, this allowed for it to be light weight and very material efficient.

For a first attempt we have been really excited about the results, because it is so simple to work with and forgiving... Friends who were watching us work with the material were blown away and are looking forward to projects where they can use it as well.

Cy February 2013

Received my order yesterday and tried it immediately, It's a fantastic product!! Can't wait to start working with it, I'll send you some pictures when we've done the castings.

Inga March 2013

Blown away with your product now use it to carve most of my retail jewellery... Didn't take long to get my head around how to use it and also what to use with it to change colours.

Lesley May 2013

I'm 43 year old person with Cerebral Palsy and wheelchair bound, your product is amazing. I designed a Bluetooth speaker holder to go on my powered chair and a cup holder which attaches to my wheelchair as well and it works fantastic... Anyway I love your product and I might buy some more later in the week.

Graham June 2013

I just wanted to let you know that I create all the chin characters for the Leaukemia foundation Be Brave and Shave campaign and this year there is a skydiver chin. I made the skydiver helmet out of Plastimake.

I really enjoyed working with plastimake to create this helmet :-)

Suzi January 2014

Short & sweet customer feedback

It is so fun! Never thought it'd be that amazing.

Elizabeth July 2014

Thank you sooooo much Peter, such a great product we are just loving it :)))

Laura July 2012

Love how easy it is to use this product.

Tammy July 2012

You have a fantastic product and exceptional service - a real standout.

Wayne July 2013

I think Plastimake is the best craft product I have ever bought.

Joey August 2013

I love Plastimake, its amazing. I make costumes so its been fantastic. Thank you.

Jennifer January 2014

Thank you for a wonderful product Plastimake!

Lachlan August 2013

Plastimake is probably the most entertaining thing that I have ever played with. xD

Courtney December 2012

I needed a hook for a new hanging shower-thingy; minutes later, I had one. Best. Thing. Ever.

Gemma November 2012

I'm a mask maker and have used this for eyes teeth and underskulls for animatronics to, very cool stuff.

Ian August 2012

All I can say is WOW... about time someone had the ingenuity to come up with this.

Robyn May 2012

Thanks, I'm properly impressed with this substance.

Istvan April 2012

We've made all sorts of things, and are having a great time.

Carina May 2012

Man, I am having fun with this stuff... I have been using it for all sorts and will post a couple of uses shortly.

Jeremy May 2012

I always love to see clever Aussies coming up with such great ideas!

Caitlin May 2012

Thanks very much again. Excellent service and excellent product; you can only do well.

Tim July 2012

Anyway, thanks for the Plastimake! It's ace!

Melanie September 2012

We've all had lots of fun playing and experimenting with Plastimake and finally got 'round to actually making a couple of useful things.

Myriam October 2012

Experimented a little yesterday and found this material to be absolutely superb!!

Paul December 2012

I am so very happy with your product. I shall purchase more very soon.

Joey January 2013

Thank you your product has arrived and it is great, and easy to use. My first job was to fix my headphone cable, successfull.

Paul February 2013

Two weeks ago a friend got me a tub of Plastimake as a random gift. It is awesome.

Mark March 2013

Thanks a having a ball with it.

Kylie March 2013

I'm having a lot of fun with it!!

Ashleigh March 2013

Thankyou Peter it is great stuff and I hope to post a creation of mine on your site soon.

Rodney March 2013

I'm loving it and would totally recommend it to friends.

Judith April 2013

Congratulations on a beautiful product!!!

Ruth July 2013

Great product by the way, pretty simple to use as well, love it.

Blunty July 2013

I love Plastimake.

Kat August 2013

Thanks product arrived and it works GREAT!!!

Liz August 2013

I recently purchased some Plastimake for a birthday present and am happy to say that they are in love.

Lil August 2013

Thanks a lot! It has arrived already (that was quick!), and I have been having fun playing with it all evening.

David August 2013

We just love it! Thank you! Most of our creations get melted down over and over again!

Chiara August 2013

Thanks for the product! It was great.

Zoe September 2013

Hey there this is what I've created using Plastimake :) Love the product :D

Ryan October 2013

This stuff is amazing! I used it to make most of one glove, and it's great.

Laura October 2013

I want to congratulate you on your incredible product!

Nico November 2013

I purchased a 100g bag of Plastimake to try recently and I absolutely love it. I can see quite a few uses for various costuming purposes.

Rachel November 2013

I have used your product before and very impressed with it. Especially for making reverse moulds for making multiple prototype parts.

Lino November 2013

I do use Plastimake for many of my art-projects... It's great stuff!

Hannah January 2014

It's a great product and really fun!

Saara January 2014

Thanks again for this great product.

Dennis March 2014

Thanks for the fast delivery and great service.

Johnny July 2012

Thanks very much Peter - I appreciate your excellent service.

Trish June 2012

Thanks for the fast delivery and great service.

Johnny July 2012

Very speedy service thank you.

Annette August 2012

Thank you for your time and your service, it was really great.

Melanie August 2012

Just turned up actually... Impressive turn around :)

Matt August 2012

Thanks I got it in the mail today! Very fast postage! Very exited to try it out!

Aimee August 2012

Recieved with thanks. Great service! Boys are getting their thinking caps on now :)

Cat September 2012

Just got my Parcel. Thank you. That was nice and quick :)

Paul December 2012

Fantastic, thanks for the speedy and personal service!

Samuel January 2013

Thank you so much for that! Your service and follow up is fantastic!!

Traci March 2013

Package arrived as promised. Thanks for speedy service

Patrick March 2013

What lovely, lovely customer service you guys have.

Lauren October 2013